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Presentation about the future and Hx2

At the beginning of this year, Jacko and Stitch gave a presentation about Awesome Retro and their plans for the future. Some highlights:

Repair Service

On hacking / creative events we provide hardware that is available for “repair”. The rules are simple:

  1. The repair may not result in the original item; it must be altered
    • (most of the time we provide working gaming consoles (!))
  2. Post a photo and a description of your work on our wiki
  3. Of course you can keep the item you’ve created


    The retro stash-management-system is in the works. This system helps with keeping track of thousands of pieces of retro gaming gear. It helps with printing labels for your boxes and gives suggestions on how to keep things tidy.

    Here are some of the best slides of this presentation:

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