Retrogaming for everyone!


Awesome Retro foundation is a not for profit organization with the mission “Retrogaming for everyone!”. The foundation collects classic gaming consoles to give them a new life. This life is a varied one: from visiting events to being borrowed to all kinds of organizations for all kinds of purposes. Some consoles will visit main stages of festivals while others are part of a work of art: each and everyone is put to good use.

Awesome Retro cares a lot about old computing hardware, we restore systems or rehash really broken ones into various projects. Old systems are often forgotten, while they could also be used to play fantastic games, learn to program and hack, modify and reminisce.


Awesome Retro consists of over 40 volunteers. They have visited and supported over 75 events, from dance festival to museums. Tens of thousands of gamers, young and old, have played on over the 50 systems generously donated by a lot of people. We are mainly active in western Europe, with the Netherlands as our base. We have visited events in Belgium, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom. We are an official foundation since December 2012.

Awesome Retro - Into the woods 2013 - Zithoek

Into the Woods dance festival


Awesome Retro - Mysteryland 2013 - Crew + Tent

Awesome Retro Crew @ Mysteryland 2013

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