Retrogaming for everyone!

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Awesome Retro
Retro gaming for everyone!

Awesome Retro collects vintage gaming consoles and their accessories to allow everyone to play the games from the past. We provide free access to our stuff for gigs and festivals.

Our mission: Retro gaming for everyone!

We’re here for young and old. New generations challenge themselves to learn about and defeat classic games, older generations can relive memories and show their talents and experience.

We’re working very hard to make retro gaming more accessible. We do this by setting up distribution locations, appear at gigs and festivals to promote retro gaming.

New old stuff!
Currently we’re looking for old gaming consoles, games and peripherals. Do you have  that’s collecting dust in the basement or attic? Help us out and contact us; then it will find a new home. You can also send your gear to us directly!

Our address:
Stichting Hack42
attn. Awesome Retro
Koningsweg 23a
6816 TD Arnhem
The Netherlands

Is your old gaming hardware collecting dust? Is it over 8 years old? Contact us and we’ll give it a new life. You can reach us at

We can provide (symbolic) compensation or reward where needed 🙂

Sponsoring and volunteering
It’s also possible to support Awesome Retro by volunteering and/or sponsoring.

Our costs consist mainly of:

* acquisition and maintenance of cool exclusive consoles, controllers, and games
* projectors, tables, TVs, power bars and more infrastructure stuff
* flyers, stickers, posters, decorations, shirts and other promo items
* batteries, printer-supplies, (lots of) duct tape and other supplies

Can you help us out in any way,  or does your company or organization like what we’re doing? Contact us at

Our home on the internet is Here you can check out on which events we appear, borrow stuff from the retro gaming stash, and read about how we’re making progress in our mission.

See you around and have fun!
The Awesome Retro Team

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