Retrogaming for everyone!

Doors open, drop by!

The doors to retrospace are open! 30+ consoles are waiting for you!

Where: Binckhorstlaan 172, 2516 BG, Den Haag

Tickets (€ 5) available at the door!! Enjoy all the great games from the past!

Pong, Super Smash Brothers, Samba De Amigo, Super Mario Brothers 3, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Astroids, Wipeout, Pinball, breakout, Pac-Man, Futurama, tetris, super mario land 2, bomberman, Donkey Kong Country, Destruction Derby, and lots, lots lots lots more! On 7 beamers, many tv’s, handhelds and on and on and on.

First pictures are in:

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