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The Overkill Festival

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Date(s) - 28 Oct 2011 - 30 Oct 2011

The Overkill Festival

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Is a festival dedicated to all the Movie and Game Fans out there. Every Summer millions of people pilger to festivals to watch their favourite bands and enjoy the Sun in some beautiful country.Thats nice, ok.

We on the opposite made the sun our enemy and why watch a band if you can easily download the latest album ? Live ? Who needs live if you have youtube ? Who needs travel if you can easily move your couch a meter further towards the newest Tv set holding a golden Xbox 360 controller!

Thats the spirit !

The name « The overkill » is pretty much selfspoken. Imagine a weekend non stop of 48 hours cinema,48 hours gaming, 48 hours, Baby. Well imagine no further ! This september it will happen! We say no to the shitty concept of sleep!

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