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Awesome Retro is a non-profit organization with the mission “retrogaming for everyone”. We add retrogaming to many events and bring equipment to organizations in the Netherlands and surrounding countries.

We are a volunteer-driven organization that manages to impress large audiences by delivering great retrogaming experiences for people of all ages. We visited dance festivals, musea, main stages, amusement parks, radio studios, gaming events, lan-parties, hacker congresses, schools and so forth.

A short impression is also viewable in our flyer. Browse the site for a list of available consoles, how to contribute and to see what great stuff we do.

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Into The Woods, Dance Festival, Amersfoort, Netherlands

Into The Woods, dance festival, Netherlands

The Reality, Lanparty, Netherlands

The Reality 13, Lanparty, Netherlands

Playing on the stage

Flappy Bird Touch Edition, Dreamhack, Jonkoping, SE


Philips Exposition, Museum Boerhaave, Leiden, NL


Mysteryland, Dance festival, Haarlemmermeer, NL


Darth Vader playing Space Invaders, Gameland Kids, Slagharen, NL

Awesome Retro
Awesome Retro consists of over 40 volunteers. They have visited and supported over 75 events, from dance festival to museums. Tens of thousands of gamers, young and old, have played on over the 50 systems generously donated by a lot of people.We are mainly active in western Europe, with the Netherlands as our base. We have visited events in Belgium, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom. We are a foundation since December 2012.


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Awesome Retro - Detail - NES Gaming System

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This is a stream of our facebook page:

Gezocht: vrijwilligers voor de Hardware testdag zaterdag van 7 februari. We gaan met een team erg veel retro-hardware testen. Wat je nodig hebt om mee te doen is: basiskennis retro hardware zoals aansluiten, enthousiasme voor (retro) gaming en zin om..

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Vroegah, toen alles beter was, had je nog geen mobieltje. Tot er op een dag “Greenpoint” was, het eerste mobiele netwerk in Nederland. Toen was er ook nog geen internet, en dus geen website hierover. Gelukkig hebben Stitch en Sjors een boel kennis opgedaan..

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De Amiga is dit jaar 30 jaar. Op 27 juni 2015 wordt een evenement georganiseerd ter gelegenheid van deze gebeurtenis. Kijk voor meer informatie op de stijlvolle pagina’s van Amiga30. Het adres:

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