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Stuff to hack with @ Hx2 on CCC

Aside from bringing a massive collection of retro games and consoles, we also bring some stuff to hack/tinker with.

Like working gaming consoles that don’t have power adapters, controllers or video cables, or peripherals that might or might not work. Below there’s a picture of some of the stuff thats out for adoption:

Exhibit A: Sega 16 bit, N64, Controllers, NES, SNES Scope + receiver.

If you want to adopt one of these things, then drop by at the Awesome Retro Gaming Village. These are the rules:

  1. The thing may not return to its original thing; it must be altered,
  2. Post a photo and a description of your work on our wiki,
  3. You can keep the item you’ve created, of course.

The hack/tinker-collection changes dynamically. More is possible if you present a plan(!), for example to build a cluster out of PS1’s or making an all-in-one gaming device. Come check us out.

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