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Awesome Retro Foundation

We received below transmission: we’re an official foundation now! See picture under transmission.

Begin of Transmission.

Date: December 24, 2012.
Location: Amersfoort, The Netherlands.
Mission: start Awesome Retro Foundation. 

Checking all systems:
   Crew Members [X] Check,
   Finances [X] Check,
   Appointment [X] Check. All Systems Ready.

Bootstapping Awesome Retro foundation: [...........................] Complete. 

Found new Data:
  Class: Foundation
  Chamber Of Commerce #: 56711778 
  RSIN: 852280129 
  Name: Stichting Awesome Retro 
  SBI-code: 93299 

    Statement: Het (doen) conserveren van ouderwetse spellen en (spel)computers 
    en dit onder de aandacht brengen van een breed publiek. Het (doen) 
    organiseren van evenementen. Address: Nooit Gedacht 80, 1398EG, Muiden, 
    The Netherlands.

End of Transmission.

And afterwards???…

Foundation Party

Partying while drinking an exclusive bottle of J&J champagne out of handmade pink crystal flutes from Italy.

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