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Dance Dissect Repurpose Competition


This year Awesome Retro will visit the Observe. Hack. Make. 2013 Festivals in the Netherlands. There we will team up with pinball and video artists in a project called “Rainbow Island”.

Recently we where gifted a stack of Dance Mats via Dj Koelkast of, so many that we decided to donate some of them to the hacking and modding community.  It’s an ideal subject for hacking: 8 big buttons, impact resistant and USB connectivity. They are shipped to participants in this Dance Dissect Repurpose competition. The goal: use them in something awesome and bring it on OHM2013.

To participate:

  • Request a DDR mat using this form
  • Mats are sent to rand(entries), keep it
  • End of february the mats will be shipped
  • The end result is usable at Rainbow Island during OHM2013
  • The end result must be demonstrated at OHM2013
  • Results and written code are open-licenced
  • Be original, creative and insane

During OHM2013 all entries will be compared and a winner is chosen. Schedule, symbolic prizes and the matching form of eternal glory are to be determined.

Enter the competition here:

May the most insane creation win!


During Observe. Hack. Make. 2013 a project called “Rainbow Island” has a physical location on the event-grounds. The island is aimed to be  a decor for teams, projects and activities from the community.

Keywords of targeted activities on “Rainbow Island” are: video games, electronic games, pinball/arcade machines, slot machines, demos, video, cinema, (3D) projection, television, timelapse, videoart, imagery, media and photography.

Read the wiki page for more information about the project and the teams.

rainbow island sketchup

Early sketch of Rainbow Island

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