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IKEA Lack Assembly Tool (SLACK)

For Retrospace we needed some tables for displays and consoles. What better choice than the cheap IKEA Lack table: simple design, lightweight and beautiful because of its simplicity. We got 20 of them donated by various people, which means there 80 IKEA lack table-pilars that need to be assembled.

Out of the foil, attaching the pillars to the table is a tough job. Its do-able for one or two tables but then it becomes a chore and you need a new pair of hands.

Right tool for the job.

Luckily retrospect took place in a Hackerspace. This is the kind of place where things get fixed and new tools emerge from scrap metal. After a few tables people started to power up their welding irons to make life easier: the Speedy Lack Assembler Companion Kit [SLACK] was born.

The tool reduces assemblage time from 5 minutes per table to just 1 minute with a fraction of the effort. Disassembly is even faster if you time your moves right. Its also a great excuse to use power tools, since it fits directly onto an (electric) drill.

Build one yourself

To build one yourself you need access to some scrap metal, preferably things with a 90 degree angle. You also need some experience in welding and working with other power tools. Having this skill, building a SLACK is a piece of cake.

A lack-pilar measures 5*5 centimeters. The minimum height to get some grip is about 1,5 centimeter. The grip for the drill can be achieved with screw thread and rout some sides.  Make the Assembly Tool a little bit larger so you can add cushion material on the inside.

Protips in usage

  • Using the SLACK means using the lowest setting on your drill.
  • Don’t put lack-blades on top of each other, they are slippery.
  • Keep a foot (or stand on) the lack blade to prevent it from slipping.

Enjoy your speedy assemblage!

Some detail pictures to get you inspired:

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When you look like this, you’re doing it right:

~ Gori, Smeding, Stitch

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