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First events scheduled for 2012

This year is going to be a great year for Awesome Retro. Lot’s of things to do and the first three events are on the calendar.


In June we will have our own little fun-event called “Retro Gaming Nacht” (dutch) which is in Hack42 in Arnhem.

You can signup here.


Next up, in july, the premier of IDENTITY will happen in Stadskanaal, Groningen.

IDENTITY is a new incarnation of tech-event that builds upon the lanparty concept. We will be there next to a discussion forum, car tuners, a cinema and more.

Read all about it on the event page.


Lastly, in october we’ll revisit The Reality. Last year we had lots of stuff there and made a great impression.

Read all about it on the event page.

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