Retrogaming for everyone! revived, honoring old warez cd’s

The domain recently expired and was released by the domainsquatter. We’ve claimed the domain to create, together with the crowd, an attribution to the best warez cd from the mid-nineties: Twilight.

From the website:

“This website is a dedication to the high quality twilight cd-series that where produced in the mid-nineties till mid-thousands. Times have changed and online distribution has evolved to the point that even video-renting companies are going bankrupt.

When it was hot, in the Windows 95/98 era, you could buy Twilight from a friend at school. It contained the latest warez: now obsolete and abandoned software. With over 75 issues, professionally produced, this was one of the important warez catalogues of its time.”

GeenStijl has released the call for crowdsourcing and many url’s are being sent in. Thanks to everybody that helps creating a great attribution page. Visit


Cover from Twilight issue 42

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